The Tax Whistleblower Law Firm’s United States Tax Court litigation encapsulates 30+ years of Tax Court experience.  Our Attorneys have successfully litigated the following issues in the United States Tax Court with respect to Whistleblower Law:

  • Privacy, Confidentiality and Identity protections within the Tax Court Rules, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and Federal case law;
  • Expanded Discovery in light of the IRS’ position that the Whistleblower is limited to the IRS’ Whistleblower Office’s administrative file;
  • Defeated IRS’s Summary Judgment Motions to terminate tax whistleblower review actions before the United States Tax Court;
  • Defeated IRS’ Motion to Dismiss to terminate tax whistleblower review actions before the United States Tax Court;
  • Compelled IRS to produce additional documentation in response to informal and formal discovery;
  • Persuaded the Tax Court to vacate a previously granted Summary Judgment Motion in favor of the IRS;
  • Worked in conjunction with the IRS to remand cases back to the IRS Whistleblower Office for Whistleblower Cases in which the IRS was continuing to examine the Whistleblower claims; and
  • Persuaded the Tax Court to treat the $2,000,000 threshold of I.R.C. § 7623(b)(5) as an affirmative defense to be raised by the IRS in its Answer.

In addition to representing clients against the IRS in whistleblower matters, the Firm’s Attorneys have successfully litigated on both sides of the following tax controversy matters:

  • Tax Exempt Organizations;
  • Tax Free Exchanges;
  • Partnerships;
  • Limited Partnerships;
  • Limited Liability Companies;
  • Abusive Tax Shelters;
  • Corporation Income Tax Liability;
  • Individual Income Tax Liability;
  • Excise Tax Liability;
  • Estate Planning;
  • Wills, Trusts and Complex Estate Planning;
  • Family Limited Partnerships.

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