We will take steps to protect your identity from intentional or unintentional disclosures.  Within our office we take many steps to protect our clients identity including assigning an office number and a pseudonym to the claim so that we never refer to the claim by our client's name or that of the taxpayer.  We have multi-levels of security within our office building, on our computer system and our server and backup are off premises.  To the extent that we receive any paper with respect to our client's claim, it is ultimately scanned electronically and the paper is returned to the client or shredded.

Our approach to the IRS stated position on confidentiality, as stated below, is simply that we prepare every claim so that the file "speaks for itself" so that you will not be a necessary witness at trial.  To the extent that we, as former IRS attorneys, determine that your testimony will be necessary should the case go to trial, we will advise you prior to filing the claim so that you may determine whether or not you wish to proceed and file the claim.

Confidentiality of Claimant’s Identity: The Service will protect the identity of the claimant to the fullest extent permitted by law. Under some circumstances, such as when the claimant is needed as a witness in a judicial proceeding it may not be possible to pursue the investigation or examination without revealing the claimant’s identity. The Service will make every effort to inform the claimant before proceeding in such a case.
— Internal Revenue Service


We understand the importance of confidentiality and therefore, do not and will not announce our accomplishments in these tax whistleblower cases.  The marketing of our firm's success is not worth jeopardizing our client's confidentiality.

As always, our commitment to you is privacy and confidentiality.  We do not put our marketing efforts and our desire to expand our practice before you and your case as your confidentiality is our priority.  We suggest that you be cautious of any law firm/attorney that would issue a press release that contains any identifying information such as the dollar amount of the case, the type of taxpayer involved (e.g., a Fortune 500 company), a client of a particular accounting firm, etc. at risk of disclosing the whistleblower's identity.  

However, as stated within this web site we will simply acknowledge that we have submitted hundreds of claims totaling billions of dollars all by "insiders to private transactions with special information" (referred to by others as "whistleblowers").   We will also tout that to date, every case submitted by the attorneys of TWLF have been accepted into the IRS Tax Whistleblower Program. 

In summary, we are Tax Attorneys that engage solely in tax whistleblower claims before the IRS.  We do not pretend to do other legal work and dabble in the IRS tax whistleblower line of work.  We have been submitting cases to the IRS since the program began (2007) and we take our responsibility to our clients very seriously.  We will only state that our past efforts have resulted in awards under I.R.C. § 7623(a) (under $2,000,000) as well as awards under I.R.C. § 7623(b) (over $2,000,000).